Its time for Nature Play

In the last week, our ‘normal’ lives have changed enormously. A new phrase has been added to our lexicon – social distancing. As our beaches, playgrounds and soon to be work places and schools close we need to adjust. We need to find ways, as a family, to deal with stress and anxiety of this temporary way of living.

Whilst we cannot do our normal activities, maybe now is the time to disconnect and reconnect with nature and enjoy nature play.

What can nature do for us?

Mental Health

Tuning into nature can bring a sense of calm and reduce our anxiety. Immersing ourselves is nature can boost our self control, focus and self esteem.

Physical Health

Exploring nature, either in local reserve or backyard can release built-up energy and steam. Running, jumping, climbing it helps to build co-ordination and muscle strength.


Not all learning happens in a structured environment like a classroom.

When connecting with nature, a child and a parent learns to love and respect it. From here we can build a more sustainable future. We can use our social distancing and potential lockdown as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn forgotten skills – teach kids basic wood working, learning about the birds we see, what trees are growing.

Then on other hand, we can look at what can we do for nature? Can we start that compost or worm farm we have been talking about? Grow some seedlings or take a walk and pick up any rubbish?

If you are looking for resources and idea’s on activities you can do with your family, join our wild@home membership program or follow ‘Wild Kindy’ on Facebook and Instagram.

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