‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’ Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Do your children go stir crazy inside on rainy days? Time to take them outside. Playing outside in the rain is an experience that children love – from jumping in puddles to catching raindrops on their tongue.

So forget about the extra washing , put on their wet weather gear and head outside with our top 20 rainy day activities:

  1. Measure puddles is with a stick
  2. Make mud pies
  3. Make a mudslide or slip n slide
  4. Make nature potions with fallen flowers and leaves
  5. Play a game of ‘Pooh sticks’
  6. Make ‘Stick/ Leaf’ boats
  7. Build a dam
  8. Explore items that sink or float
  9. What creates a bigger splash? Rock or a Stick
  10. Mud painting
  11. Paint in the rain – what does the rain drops do to your paint?
  12. Build a bark ‘marble’ run to manipulate water
  13. Build a shelter using tarps or a Den with Sticks
  14. Go on a worm hunt
  15. Create Rainy Orchestra – use pots and pans to let rain create different sounds
  16. It’s not a stick! Create a pretend fishing rod with a stick and string
  17. Use a magnifying glass to look for bugs that come out in the rain
  18. Look for fungi on logs
  19. Make a rain gauge with a cup and ruler
  20. Play stuck in the mud

We would love to hear your rainy day play ideas too!

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