Booking Terms & Conditions

Mission Statement

Providing natural opportunities for children to learn and connect with the natural environment.  

Policy Scope

This policy applies to: Staff and Program participants, including parents and guardians of minors

Policy Statement

Wild Kindy is a small business with a mission to connect children and their families with nature and to build their individual confidence and resilience.

Wild Kindy is committed to providing an environment that is supportive for children to learn within nature. Wild Kindy expects that all participants are treated with respect, dignity and fairness. We endeavour to provide a safe environment, as per our Risk Assessment Policy (see end of document).

Wild Kindy believes a child’s right to play and ask children to take on responsibility for their play by respecting themselves, each other and the environment.

Working with Children

Wild Kindy is committed to providing a safe environment for all customers, students, visitors and staff. This policy enables Wild Kindy to meet the legislative requirements of the various Australian States & Territories as they relate to employees/contractors or students who are likely to engage in direct-contact activities with children throughout the period of their employment or experience with Wild Kindy. All staff are required to have a WWCC.

First Aid

First Aid facilities must be provided at all Wild Kindy sessions for the welfare and safety of children attending and those at the workplace. Such facilities include appropriate arrangements for providing and accessing first aid materials and treatment. Each location is different, therefore first aid requirements will vary. By identifying all reasonably foreseeable hazards and understanding the level of risk associated with those hazards, using our risk assessment procedures, it is possible to determine the first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel required at each event. This process is known as Risk Management. At each Wild Kindy session, the Lead Facilitator will hold a current first aid certificate.


Bookings for our programs can be made at www.wildkindy.com.au. Full payment must be made at the time of booking.


Wild Kindy maintains a waiting list in the event of full sessions. Customers wishing to join the waiting list for a full session must email info@wildkindy.com with name and contact details.


Playgroup – Where circumstances require the cancellation of a Wild Playgroup Term booking; Participants are required to notify in writing info@wildkindy.com at least 5 business days before the commencement of term to cancel and receive a refund.

Cancellation with less than 5 business days’ notice will be charged at the full rate.

Wild Explorers – If your child is sick or there is a family emergency let us know as soon as you can. We understand that life happens. If you are able to provide 24hrs notice we will send you a gift voucher of equal value that you can use for any of our future events, including the holiday program.

Missed/ Withdrawal

In the event a participant misses a Wild Playgroup Session due to sickness, or otherwise, no make-up session, credit or refund will be offered. Alternatively, in the event that a participant chooses to withdraw from a session before the completion of the term program, no refunds, credits or transfers will be given.

Behaviour and Supervision

Wild Playgroup – Throughout the Wild Play Session guardians are responsible for the supervision of their child.

Wild Explorers – Children must abide by the instructions of Wild Kindy staff at all times or your child may be removed from participating in the activity or services being provided Wild Kindy. This is to ensure safety and enjoyment for all participants engaged in the recreational activities and other services provided by Wild Kindy. Bulling will not be tolerated.

Session Numbers

Wild Play Sessions will adhere to COVID19 Guidance from Service NSW.


Wild Playgroup- Sessions are most suitable for 2.5yrs to 6. The broad age ranges for playgroup programs to develop a sense of community. Age limits are set with consideration of activities provided, length of sessions and supervision requirements. In the case that a child younger than the specified age range is booked into a program, will arrange a refund.

Wild Explorers – Program is tailored to primary school age children, 6 years to 12 years.


Wild Play sessions will operate in most weather. As the saying goes, ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.’ In the case of extreme weather (including but not limited to; extreme heat, high winds, lightning and/or hail) or other dangerous situations, will: Participants will be contacted on the morning of the session via a text message. Participants will be offered a make-up session (Week 10 of Term)


Communication with families upon making boking the Parents will be via email. On the day communication will be via SMS

Reasons for contacting a parent whose child is enrolled in Wild Explorers:

  • Injuries – if a child is injured in any way it is imperative a parent is contacted immediately.
  • ​Behavioural Issues – for the welfare and enjoyment of staff and the other children. If a child has been repeatedly spoken to for poor behaviour we will endeavour to contact the parent, explaining the behaviour is not to the standard we expect at Wild Kindy and asking them to please come and pick up their child. If necessary and at the discretion of Wild Kindy we may choose to provide a full refund of any monies paid, or a partial refund for the time remaining.
  • ​Bathroom Incidents – in the case that a younger child has a bathroom accident it may be necessary to phone a parent and ask them to bring a clean set of clothes. In these cases we will endeavour to ensure the child is supported, does not feel embarrassed and the situation is handled professionally.

Parental Waiver and Consent

  • By completing the registration form as the parent or legal guardian of the child named, I hereby give my full consent and approval for my child to participate in the Wild Kindy event
  • I understand that there are certain risks of injury inherent in nature play, and other related activities incidental to my child’s participation, and I am willing to assume these risks on behalf of my child. I hereby certify that my child is fully capable of participating in the designated activities and that my child is healthy and has no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities that would restrict full participation in these activities, except as listed in the registration form.
  • In addition to giving my full consent for my child’s participation, I do hereby waive, release and hold harmless Wild Kindy, its Facilitators, staff, and representatives for any injury that may be suffered by my child in the normal course of participation in the designated event and the activities incidental thereto, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.
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